About Us

R Grocery Outlet opened its doors in October of 2007. The store is owned and operated by two brothers, Roland and David Sommers. It started out in a small building just down the street from our current location. In the beginning, the store was Roland’s idea. With no background in retail, Roland and David decided to tackle the challenge of learning a new business. It started as an idea with lots of questions, and finding clear answers was often impossible.

David had recently returned home after spending 2 years at a therapeutic boys’ camp. Without a job, David had the resources to invest most of his time researching the possible new venture. Roland did his best to help his brother gather information, but it was difficult for him to find time. He had a young family and a construction business to run. Fortunately, Roland’s brother-in-law had previously started a similar store on the West Coast and was a helpful source of wisdom.

Both Roland and David learned that starting a business has plenty of growing pains attached to it. Most of the lessons that the brothers learned were from trial and error. On several occasions, they were afraid that they would have to close their doors. On one such occasion, David extensively researched a supplier, but it was difficult to know the overall quality of the product until he actually ordered from them. David purchased the truck load and it nearly devastated the company. The store’s losses climbed to well over $10,000. With losses that high, it became difficult to pay the employees. Even though David and Roland were not personally making any money, they put their own money in to pay their employees. Although they eventually had to let go of some of their employees, they pushed on. Learning from mistakes is never easy especially when financial risk is involved. Through it all, the brothers stuck to their values and focused on their original goals for the store. Good values and financial success are important to any healthy business, but if one needs to be sacrificed, it will not be their values. That is the very foundation this business is built upon.

The customers have made this store what it is today. We have heard from numerous customers how much they love the savings at our store and that is a reminder to us of why the store began in the first place. We are thrilled to help our customers cut their costs on groceries and we plan to continue offering these savings.

As we continue to grow, we are committed to learning how to better serve you. Please feel free to send us your feedback by e-mail or mail. We love hearing from our customers!

Mission Statement

It is the mission of R Grocery Outlet to:

1. Foster an environment that encourages our team to reach their greatest potential.

2. Offer a reasonable selection of product with an unbeatable value.

3. Seek positive impact on all areas touched by our business.

Payment Types We Accept.

Cash, Personal checks and the following Credit Cards
as well as SNAP (Food Stamps)

Return Policy

If you are unsatisfied with any of our products for any reason, you may return your item/s along with proof of purchase within 30 days. Visit our Products page to learn more about how we buy and sell the products in our store.

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Grocery Store | Hartville, Ohio

We are a Grocery Outlet Store located in Hartville, Ohio and welcome everyone to come and shop. Our coverage area includes, but is not limited to, Hartville, Kent, Akron, Canton, Louisville, Massillon, Alliance, & Uniontown.